Nannette Ripmeester

Nannette Ripmeester is the director of Expertise in Labour Mobility. ELM specialises for over 25 years in customising solutions for international labour mobility for study and work purposes. Together with her team, Nannette works under the motto of ‘making mobility work’ for clients in the higher education, corporate and government sectors. She is considered an expert on global mobility trends and how to enhance the connection between recent graduates and their future job opportunities, leading to the employability app CareerProfessor. Nannette combines her role for ELM with her work as Director Europe & North America for i-graduate – a leading benchmarking organisation responsible for running the International Student Barometer (ISB) under 4.3M students worldwide. Her love for global mobility and bridging the gap between education and the world of work was ignited when she worked for 7 years at the European Commission where she was responsible for setting up the EURES database for mobile workers in the EU Member States. Nannette is a member of the supervisory board for Codarts University and is involved in the NAFSA Trainer Corps. She has been the Industry Innovator in Residence for Queensland 2018-19 with a focus on employability.