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Dr Jeanine Gregersen-Hermans
Vice Principal & Pro Vice Chancellor at Glasgow Caledonian University
The team was very responsive to our specific requirements, and able to appreciate that a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t always the best. They always took time to make sure that even minor adjustments could be made to our satisfaction, and kept the usability of the dashboards forefront to everything they did. It was a pleasure working with them.

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Ágnes Tóth
CEO at Budapest Metropolitan University
This year we recruited more students than last year and above what was budgeted. One of the main reasons for this is the online enrolments and the online start of the semester, which eliminated visa problems. Obviously, the most important reason is better recruitment based on Studyportals’ advice.
Dr Sheena Murphy
Head of Global Online Education Development at Ulster University
The team are very helpful and able to explain the services they provide in a clear and understandable way. They respond quickly to any queries, are approachable and never make you feel as though you’re asking a ‘silly’ question.
Carli Peacock
Sales and Marketing Director at CEG Digital
The way a truly collaborative partnership is created based on trust.

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Daniel Ståhl
Communication Officer at KTH Royal Institute of Technology
The service and support has been swift and straight forward.
Aurélien Krejbich
Director of the Centre for Europe – International Affairs Manager at Sciences Po
What made the difference was the seriousness of Studyportals to meet the deadlines and also the ability to demonstrate that they had the background, they had the skill to provide high level consulting to universities that want to implement international marketing strategy.
Maaike Vergouwen
Lead Student Recruitment at Breda University of Applied Sciences
Open for feedback, willing to help, perfect cooperation, happy with the final result.
Hanna Donner
Head of Marketing at Hanken
We have worked with Studyportals for several years to promote our master’s programmes through Through our results based campaigns we have managed to drive traffic to our webpage and generate leads for our programmes. Most recently we have also commissioned a benchmarking study from Studyportals regarding the imminent introduction of tuition fees for non-EU students on our programmes. The benchmark and recommendations both with regards to the setting of the fees and introducing a scholarship system was a great support going forward with the process. Furthermore, the recommendations regarding the scholarship system were also very useful when planning the implementation. Studyportals have always been very generous in sharing their extensive knowledge of the higher education market. In combination with their extensive data deducted from their portal, I’m confident they can support most institutions both with insight and generating quality leads.
Manuel Frutos-Perez
Chief Academic Officer at CEG Digital
They are extremely well informed in all current aspects of data analytics. They understand the Higher Education sector really well and they are very responsive whenever help or advice is needed.

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Victoria Imsirovic
Director of Global Strategy at University of California Irvine Office of Enrollment Management
Since first participating in the Studyportals Academy in 2018, I knew this group had a very special synergy and dynamic energy as an international organization. Since working with them I have been able to utilize their pioneering approach that I so value, to inform international strategic planning from many angles. Meetings with Barbara, Laurens, Steve and Thijs are creative sessions, uncovering student mobility economics, geo-market patterns, shifting study interests, campaign designs, cutting edge new data with ideas bouncing off each other, exciting novel ideas and applications emerge. Our meetings have high octane results. I could not be more pleased with this partnership.
Dr Peter Alpass
Senior Strategic Planning Manager at Durham University
The Studyportals dashboards were useful straight out of the box. They are easy to use and fill the gap between the HESA data and current demand for higher education.
Michelangelo Balicco
Head of International Recruitment at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
Agriculture is not really a traditional subject for us to offer and there are not many 18-year-olds in Italy who are thinking about studying the subject. But the data suggested we would find plenty of interest in Sri Lanka, Georgia and Central America – countries we would never have thought of. So we followed the data and now half the international students on the new course are from those areas. Without a strategic data approach, we would never have considered these countries.
Stewart Laing
Project Manager at Heriot-Watt University
Very professional and focused on meeting client needs.
Dr Thomas Loya
Director of Strategy, Planning and Performance at the University of Nottingham
Studyportals shows a level of care and attention to detail that I expect from my own team. It was quality that we wanted and working with Studyportals on this was a pleasure. It went quickly and it solved the problem and I’d like to acknowledge a high standard of work.
Marina Kozak
Director of HSE International Students Recruitment Centre at National Research University HSE
I like the structure of your course and the really useful aspects from measuring topics. Your tricks presenting in the training will help us to convert interest into actions.
Dovilė Jodenytė
Chief Coordinator at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
I like working with Studyportals ACT team because they operate with a lot of accurate data that represents real market trends.
Joachim Ekström
Communication Strategist at Uppsala University
Using Thijs for strategic advice is possibly the best investment I ever made in my 20 years of marketing. Thijs’ knowledge of international student recruitment and marketing ranges from the nitty-gritty details of how to make the best use of student fairs up to the management level with funding, organisation and analysis. He is also a very pleasant person to deal with and I can warmly recommend him both as a speaker and a consultant.
Elizabeth Gray
Head of Market Intelligence at the University of Glasgow
[The consultants] have both taken our requests for customising the dashboards seriously. They were willing to map the Studyportals disciplines and sub-disciplines against our Colleges and HESA subjects, and identify and flag TNE programmes. They have also commented on how they have enjoyed working with the Glasgow team as it has helped them develop the Studyportals offering. So it has very much been a team approach.

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Ralph Buiser
International Market Insight Manager at the University of Bristol
There is a clear understanding of our needs as an institution, and that there is a genuine willingness to fulfil our requirements. The value that the product you are delivering is potentially very high for us. In addition to this, the team {..} has been very patient with us at Bristol which we appreciate greatly.
David Pilsbury
Deputy Vice-Chancellor International at Coventry University
There is no secret to why Coventry is doing so well – it is the data you provide that allows us to target the excellent people we have. Without these we are just the same as everyone else.
Javier Arias
Marketing Manager at InnoEnergy
Professional, high speed and understanding of the research needs.
David Newton
Managing Director at Stafford House International/CEG
A solid report that gave us just what we wanted. Feedback was ongoing and relevant. I would be very happy to recommend Studyportals Analytics and Consulting Team.
Isabell Nagel
Senior Associate Student Recruitment at Hertie School of Governance
Highly professional, knowledgeable about modern student recruitment tools & challenges.
Jennifer McQuady
Assistant Director, Graduate Admissions at Valparaiso University
Very helpful and responsive to questions as well as changes that need to be made.
Matthew Ward
International Marketing Assistant at the University of Gloucestershire
I attended a workshop lead by Thijs on Google Analytics for International Marketing & Recruitment. I found the workshop to be very informative and the instruction to be clear and concise. I was able to return from his workshop and immediately apply the lessons learned to determine the effectiveness of our digital marketing channels. Thijs showed me best practice on how to create well-made landing pages, designed to funnel users to our CRM system to gather data and how this in conjunction with Google Analytics could be used to determine our return on investment from our marketing efforts. I would recommend his programme to anyone who would like to know definitively if their marketing budget is being spent in the right place.
Nienke Bastiaans
Head of Department Education and Communication at the University of Groningen
The strong focus on higher education in this branding course was really good. Clear examples of websites and social media were used. This, combined with a very international group of participants all strongly linked to HE, created a great setting for improving our brand. On top of that, some useful practical models and instruments were presented.