Ankita Vishwakarma

Ankita joined Studyportals in October 2023 as a Medior Data Analyst, bringing a wealth of experience in the field of data analytics. Specializing in the creation and optimization of dashboards, she is dedicated to developing visually appealing and easily understandable visualizations. Originating from India, she spent the entirety of their life there before relocating to The Netherlands.

Armed with a Master’s degree in Computer Applications, she embarked on a distinguished career in the IT sector, accumulating over a decade of expertise.

Throughout this journey, she has contributed significantly to organizations such as Zensar Technologies, IQVIA, NTT Ltd., and Accenture. In these roles, she served primarily as a Data Analyst and effectively managing teams of Business Intelligence developers.

The diverse scope of her prior roles provided her with extensive insights into the intricacies of supply chain, manufacturing, telecommunications, and retail industries. Now, at Studyportals, she marks the commencement of a new chapter, delving into the realm of higher education data. She is committed to acquiring a deeper understanding of the field and exploring avenues to enhance and empower universities through data and insights.