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Dr. Thomas Loya | University of Nottingham


Aurélien Krejbich | SciencePo

“The team was very responsive to our specific requirements, and able to appreciate that a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t always the best. They always took time to make sure that even minor adjustments could be made to our satisfaction, and kept the usability of the dashboards forefront to everything they did. It was a pleasure working with them.”

— Dr. Jeanine Gregersen-Hermans, Vice Principal & Pro Vice Chancellor at Glasgow Caledonian University

“Agriculture is not really a traditional subject for us to offer and there are not many 18-year-olds in Italy who are thinking about studying the subject. But the data suggested we would find plenty of interest in Sri Lanka, Georgia and Central America – countries we would never have thought of. So we followed the data and now half the international students on the new course are from those areas. Without a strategic data approach, we would never have considered these countries.”

— Michelangelo Balicco, Head of International Recruitment at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

“We have worked with Studyportals for several years to promote our master’s programmes through Mastersportal.com. Through our results based campaigns we have managed to drive traffic to our webpage and generate leads for our programmes. Most recently we have also commissioned a benchmarking study from Studyportals regarding the imminent introduction of tuition fees for non-EU students on our programmes. The benchmark and recommendations both with regards to the setting of the fees and introducing a scholarship system was a great support going forward with the process. Furthermore, the recommendations regarding the scholarship system were also very useful when planning the implementation. Studyportals have always been very generous in sharing their extensive knowledge of the higher education market. In combination with their extensive data deducted from their portal, I’m confident they can support most institutions both with insight and generating quality leads.”

— Hanna Donner, Head of Marketing at Hanken

“The strong focus on higher education in this branding course was really good. Clear examples of websites and social media were used. This, combined with a very international group of participants all strongly linked to HE, created a great setting for improving our brand. On top of that, some useful practical models and instruments were presented.”

— Nienke Bastiaans, Head of Department Education and Communication at University of Groningen

“Using Thijs for strategic advice is possibly the best investment I ever made in my 20 years of marketing. Thijs’ knowledge of international student recruitment and marketing ranges from the nitty-gritty details of how to make the best use of student fairs up to the management level with funding, organisation and analysis. He is also a very pleasant person to deal with and I can warmly recommend him both as a speaker and a consultant.”

— Joachim Ekström, Communication Strategist at Uppsala University

“I attended a workshop lead by Thijs on Google Analytics for International Marketing & Recruitment. I found the workshop to be very informative and the instruction to be clear and concise. I was able to return from his workshop and immediately apply the lessons learned to determine the effectiveness of our digital marketing channels. Thijs showed me best practice on how to create well-made landing pages, designed to funnel users to our CRM system to gather data and how this in conjunction with Google Analytics could be used to determine our return on investment from our marketing efforts. I would recommend his programme to anyone who would like to know definitively if their marketing budget is being spent in the right place.”

— Matthew Ward, International Marketing Assistant at University of Gloucestershire

“A solid report that gave us just what we wanted. Feedback was ongoing and relevant. I would be very happy to recommend Studyportals Analytics and Consulting Team.”

— David Newton, Managing Director at Stafford House International/CEG

“I like the structure of your course and the really useful aspects from measuring topics. Your tricks presenting in the training will help us to convert interest into actions.”

— Marina Kozak, Director of HSE International Students Recruitment Centre at National Research University HSE

“The way a truly collaborative partnership is created based on trust.”

— Carli Peacock, Sales and Marketing Director at CEG Digital

“Highly professional, knowledgeable about modern student recruitment tools & challenges.”

— Isabell Nagel, Senior Associate Student Recruitment at Hertie School of Governance