Portfolio management,
how can our data help?

Improving your portfolio management and evaluating new opportunities is a continuous process for institutions. At Studyportals, together with our clients, we have developed easy-to-use, intuitive dashboards which can empower your team to identify and reach new portfolio and strategic objectives. Our data and insights can help your university leadership take high-level decisions and guide your marketing and recruitment teams with day-to-day operations and tactical choices.

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What questions can we answer for your university?

Where do we start with improving our portfolio?
What subject areas are students in my focus country interested in?
How can I make the titles of our degree programmes attractive and persuasive?
How can I map and monitor the interest of prospective students for my courses over time?
How does the interest to my programmes compare to that of other institutions?
What can I do to look at trends in subject areas domestically and abroad?

The information that we get from Studyportals is very valuable as it enables us to test our market assumptions. Additionally, it speeds up the market research process significantly. Access to this data makes the decision-making process much more robust.

Manuel Frutos-Perez, Chief Academic Officer at CEG Digital

How can our dashboard modules help you excel at portfolio management?

Portfolio Development Module

✔ How can we improve the current portfolio and evaluate new portfolio development opportunities for online or on-campus delivery?

✔ Which (combination of) words in the title of degree programmes will attract more interest?

Student Interest Trends Module

✔ How does the subject interest of prospective students develop over time?

✔ What are the trends in subject area popularity for my destination?

✔ What are the trends in origin country popularity for different disciplines?

Focus Country Interest Benchmark Module

✔ Which part of our portfolio should we prioritise in which recruitment countries?

✔ Which other destination countries are they comparing us to?

✔ Can we drill down into interests per individual country of student origin?

Institution Benchmark Module

✔ How does our portfolio offering compare to our competitors?

✔ Are we attracting more interest for certain subjects than our peers?

✔ Where is our portfolio underperforming compared to our peers?

Pricing and Fee Segmentation Module

✔ How should I price my university’s degree programmes?

✔ What is the tuition price preference distribution by origin country?

✔ Are some countries more likely to look at certain tuition fee brackets than others?

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What data do we use in our dashboards?

We built our dashboards modules mentioned above on Studyportals anonymous behavioural data collected through our proprietary platforms. Student interest data is measured by pageviews and refreshes monthly. Our research has shown that student interest is a lead indicator of enrolments, 1-2 years into the future. Therefore, it is a valuable resource for universities to reach their enrolment goals and strategic objectives.

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