Global Data Maturity Survey
of Higher Education Institutions

Studyportals Analytics & Consulting Team (ACT) conducted a survey measuring the data maturity of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) globally. The results of the surveys conducted over the years are visualized in the dashboard shown below.

How to use the dashboard?

Views & Navigation
You can see different views of the dashboard by using the menu on the left side.

The survey was conducted between 2021-2023. Using the default setting, it is possible to see the combined responses of all years, but one can also filter the questions and responses for a specific year. To do so, click on the ‘Year of the Survey’ filter and select the desired year.

Download Image
Download the image of your view by clicking the icon in the right top corner of the dashboard.

Survey Design

Questions & Responses
The questions slightly changed throughout the years. For that reason, the number of questions changes in the dashboard when filtering year by year.

Each question could be answered on a 5-point Likert scale, with responses ranging from 1 to 5. Hovering over a selected response segment, which is highlighted in various colors, reveals the percentage of respondents who chose that answer. The average score for each question is displayed in bubbles. Additionally, the number of responses per question is indicated on the right side, denoted as “N = …”.


The five dimensions show the data maturity of HEIs, taking into account a spectrum of data-related domains. In particular:

  1. Purpose of the data – How do Higher Education Institutions utilise data?
  2. Quality of the data – What is the quality of the data used by HEIs?
  3. Data sources – Where do HEIs source their data from?
  4. Data tools – Which tools are used by HEIs?
  5. Data culture (of the institution) – Is the culture of HEIs data-oriented?

Data Maturity Stages
Based on the average Data Maturity score across all dimensions, the HEIs were categorised into different ‘Data Maturity Stages’: Initial, Conceptual, Defined, Integrated, and Transformed. These stages reflect how advanced the institutions are in utilising data.

The Impact of Data and Correlation
The average score across these five dimensions is correlated with the score of the impact of data, with the correlation showing how strong the link between these two variables is.

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