Data analytics in Higher Education

As competition in international student recruitment is increasing, university staff needs better insights to target prospective students more precisely. This is where big data insights come in. More than 52 million (prospective) students can be found on Studyportals each year, exploring over 250 thousand degree options abroad. The data generated by their activities has proven to be an accurate reflection and projection of the higher education market.

The Studyportals student interest dashboard modules are relevant for higher education professionals in marketing & recruitment and strategic planning who want to increase their understanding of trends and forecasts, the supply of and demand for degrees, and new market opportunities in their programme portfolio.

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Which specialisation should our new Master’s degree offer? Which fields are currently being under and oversupplied?


Which countries should I focus my marketing on for our faculty? Which students are interested the most to study in my country?


What are the upcoming countries of international students? How is the demand for degrees forecasted to develop over the next years?

8 portals

4,000+ institutions

240,000 courses
in 120+ countries

52 million visitors
(last 12 months)

Free demo dashboard

This demo dashboard is a simplified and restricted version of one of our dashboard modules. It provides a glimpse into the interest of (international) students in specific subject areas, it shows where these students come from, and in which countries they consider to pursue a degree. The data is based on the traffic on and, between January and December 2019.

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Dashboard solutions

The free demo dashboard covers generic information on disciplines and countries in 2019. Our dashboard modules are developed to provide specific, real-time insights that your institution needs. They provide access to much more detail, such as live, past and predictive data on students planning to start their degree abroad 1-2 years in the future.

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