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Discover our Dashboard Modules

Market Analysis

Identify popular fields of study and key countries from which you can attract students.

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City Analysis

Uncover unique characteristics, preferences, and educational aspirations of students from different cities.

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Focus Country Selector

Identify promising markets for recruiting students for campus or online programmes in a particular subject area.

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Competitor Analysis

Benchmark your offerings against competitors and identify areas of differentiation or improvement.

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Institution Benchmark

Evaluate your programme performance compared to similar programmes at national and international peer institutions.

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Portfolio Development

Uncover the unmet needs of students and fill gaps in the market. Explore the potential for offering multi-disciplinary programmes.

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Student Interest Trends

Identify emerging trends and evaluate year-on-year growth rates of origins, destinations and subject areas.

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Origin Country Indicators

Track demographic and economic developments in selected countries of origin combined with relevant education indicators.

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Global Student Mobility

Understand student mobility trends, compare countries and see how market shares develop over time.

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Tuition Fee

Analyse the relationship between programme tuition fees and global student demand.

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The Studyportals data are the most comprehensive and balanced among all similar data providers in the market. The dashboards are well designed to inform portfolio development, international recruitment and market insights. The Analytics and Consulting Team at Studyportals are very supportive and quick in answering queries and taking actions on suggestions and recommendation of improvement. We have developed a close partnership with the team over the last six years.

Bo Wang, Senior Market Insights Analyst at the University of Glasgow

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