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John Naisbitt

Carmen Neghina, PhD

Carmen Neghina, PhD is a Deputy Director Analytics & Consulting Team at Studyportals. She is an experienced researcher in higher education and services marketing. Carmen has a PhD degree in services marketing, with a specific focus on value co-creation and service interactions, as well as a Master’s degree in Marketing and Business Administration from Radboud University. Her work has been published in scientific journals such as Marketing Theory and the Journal of Services Management.

She has co-authored a variety of research articles and whitepapers, more recently focusing on international education, student mobility patterns, online study choice behaviour, international student satisfaction and two reports on the growth of the pathway sector. In her previous roles as Head of Intelligence and Thought Leadership Manager she has published several reports based on Studyportals data in collaboration with EAIE, British Council, and Cambridge English. Her work has also been publicized in the media, and she has offered interviews for Times Higher Education, University World News, the BBC and Washington Post.